Go Live Docs

Whew! the most rewarding part of your integration with Jenga Payment Gateway starts with ensuring you have all the right documents in place.


Your Website

As a requirement we expect you to provide/ conform to;

  1. Provide information on ownership of your domain name,
  2. secured (https) website (Jenga Payment Gateway Merchants) (If not https Finserve can provide certificate USD 50)

Registering on Production

To register for production go here then click go live toggle button

Jenga Payment Gateway Contract

Fill in the details as per the popup on the go live.

Your will be required to provide contact information and the below KYC type information


Typical Contact Information Includes

  1. First name of contact person
  2. Last name of contact person
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email
  5. Country
  6. Website
  7. Physical Location

KYC Requirements for Individuals

  1. Copy of your ID or Passport.

Sole Proprietorship

  1. Copy of your ID or Passport.
  2. Copy of Registration Certificate.


  1. Copy of ID/ Passport of Partners.
  2. Copy of Registration Certificate.

Limited Companies

  1. Copy of Directors Identification documents
  2. Copy of Company Registration document

Non-Governmental Organizations

  1. Copy of Directors and Officials identification documents
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration
  3. NGO Charter/ Constitution


  1. Board/ Governing Body resolution for the society to engage in online commerce transaction business.
  2. Copy of Officials Identification documents
  3. Certificate of registration


  1. At least two trustees/Management board of the entity representing the church (Identification documents)
  2. Identification documents of Executive Directors of the entity representing the church.
  3. Management board/members resolution
  4. Copy of Certificate of Registration


  1. Resolution authorizing commerce transaction business duly endorsed by the account opening officer of the respective department /entity.
  2. Gazette notice establishing the entity.

Settlement Account/ Mobile Wallet

  1. You will be expected to setup your bank account or mobile wallet that you will settle to. In order to conform to KYC and AML rules.